Mixpanel for Windows Phone 8 – Update 1.1.0

Hi all,

I pushed a new version of the Mixpanel NuGet package today (version 1.1.0) which:

  1. removes the dependency to NewtonSoft’s JSON serializer,
  2. adds a new “CreateAlias” method to ease support of Mixpanel’s aliasing feature.

Hope this helps,



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Head of Engineering - Core Apps @ Deezer

9 thoughts on “Mixpanel for Windows Phone 8 – Update 1.1.0”

  1. Why is this only for windows 8? I could use this in my WPF application. Is is possible to get access to the source code?


    1. Hi,
      It’s only for WP8 as I only needed it for this platform and I’ll be glad to port it if it’s of any use.
      Do you need the equivalent for .NET or for .NET WinRT?



  2. Hi Carl, I want to use this library for my WP8 app. Can I use it for free or is there any licensing attached with this wherein I need to mention the credits or pay for this.


  3. Hi Carl

    Love what you have here. Implementing it on my own website and it works an absolute charm, it’s brilliant cannot thank you enough; can’t work out why Mixpanel doesn’t support .NET itself but ah well..

    Was wondering if you knew if there anything wrong with the .IP property. I’m passing in the IP address on the request in this parameter, but Mixpanel shows my server location rather than the user’s request location

    What’s interesting though is that if I send in a property with ‘ip’ as the reference, Mixpanel doesn’t display this property (if I pass in ‘IP’ = ‘XX.XX’, Mixpanel will display ‘IP = XX.XX’ however for ‘ip’ it does not). This leads me to believe they are picking up on this property and trying to process it differently, but the location services they run off this IP address still never change

    Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks. Dan


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