Mixpanel 1.2.1

Hi all,

Iโ€™ve just released a new version of the NuGet package which now supports Windows 8.1.

All features of the Windows Phone 8 version are supported such as event tracking, profile updates, offline mode and aliasing  ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hope this helps,



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Head of Engineering - Core Apps @ Deezer

12 thoughts on “Mixpanel 1.2.1”

  1. HI Carl, stumbled on your project and wondered if you had any thoughts about doing a Portable Class Library for this that can be used across various projects including Xamarin projects. I only ask in case there are limitations and reasons this isn’t possible.


  2. I noticed you can’t install the package from NuGet for Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime Apps, but everything works when I added the library manually. As long as everything works you could definitely update the NuGet package so it can be installed “properly” ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hello Carl, are you working on the portable class lib version? Are you planning open the source code? If yes, I’m interested in help. Thanks.


  4. Hey Carl, thanks again.
    Does the Windows Store version supports offline? I tried using your API with TrackWaitingEvents but nothing happens.


      1. Yes, offline mode is supported on Windows 8.
        You can test this feature by starting fiddler, saving events explicitly and calling this method: you should see calls to the Mixpanel API.



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