Mixpanel 1.2.5

Hello world,

A new version of the package is available which provides:

  • an explicit MIT license file “LICENSE.txt”, so it’s explicit that you guys can do whatever you want with this package,
  • a new “IsGeolocationEnabled” option on the MixpanelClient class which allows you to turn that feature on or off (on by default),
  • a new “IsVerboseEnabled” option to enable API calls with the verbose flag specified to ease debugging.

Hope this helps,



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Head of Engineering - Core Apps @ Deezer

9 thoughts on “Mixpanel 1.2.5”

  1. The library has some bugs that surfaced for us in production on our ASP.NET MVC website and caused memory to exceed 500MB application pool limit. This is unacceptable. If it was open source we would look into this further, but we see no link to source code.


      1. Hi Carl,

        How close are you to open sourcing your code?

        We’ve used your library and prefer it over, say, the top Google result for ‘C# mixpanel’, but can’t continue while it’s not open source (we want to be able to submit PRs to fix bugs we’ve found).

        Do you have an ETA?



  2. One question Carl – You sure the library works in Offline mode?
    I’m trying for a while to use it. I see the “SaveElement” indeed saves the event in a “mixpanel.dat” file, but when I use the “TrySendElements” or when I restart the app on online mode, the events dont make their way to the mixpanel Server.

    The “mixpanel.dat” file is reset to no data tho.

    Any idea what I’m missing?


  3. Hello Carl,
    Firstly, thank you for your support!
    I’ve been trying to send events offline as well, but mixpanel returns 0 when the TrySendLocalElements method is called. Any clues as to why this might be happening?


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